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Jumat, 25 November 2011

[Translate] 2PM on Haru Hana Vol 008 part 1

[Translation/Scans] Haru*Hana Vol. 008 - Part 1

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Welcome to 2PM Apartment: 6 brothers living together, get them all gathered at the same place and the noise is guaranteed!

They were all shown living in the same apartment in the MV for their 3rd single, “Ultra Lover”, which has been released on November 2nd. However, what do their rooms look like in real life?
Junho: I still couldn’t arrange everything properly, but there’s a bed in the middle of the room. 
Chansung: It’s a simple room with such necessary things, like a cupboard and a computer. And everything’s covered in dust, kk. If you were to ask whose room is the cleanest, everyone’s pretty much the same, kk. Actually, even though we all live together, we sometimes gather and have fun by eating out, or simply by going out to play bowling.

The long-awaited 1st album will be released on November 30th. It’s complete with a variety of extravagant songs, ranging from Korean and Japanese hit tracks, to previously unreleased compositions. 
Taecyeon: This album, just like the title says, has been produced with an intention to try and establish a republic through our music. I think that it will be able to showcase not only the beastly idol image were are known for, but also the new colors of 2PM.

All songs should be recommended, but if you were to pick one that you like the most, what would it be?
Chansung: I’d pick “Even If We Are Apart”.
Junsu: Thank you!
Chansung: Junsu-hyung composed the song, and there’s a part that’s been made to fit my image.
Junsu: Ah, even so, this song was composed not for Chansung, but for the fans.
Everyone: LOL!
Nichkhun: I also like it, because I really enjoy dramatic ballads.
Junsu: I’m glad.
Taecyeon: I like “Crazy in Love”. I remember that this song was excruciatingly hard for each one of us, as we were trying to get used to the Japanese lyrics.
Wooyoung: I choose “100th Day Anniversary”. I liked the melody, ever since I’ve heard the demo.
Nichkhun: Since there’s no tradition to celebrate the 100th day dating anniversary in Thailand, I didn’t really know what it was all about at first. So I’m really glad that we got the chance to introduce this part of Korean culture to the Japanese audience through our song.
Junho: I choose “Stay With Me”. Should I say that the worldview of this song touches upon my heartstrings? I would also love to express my emotions to the person I love that way.

Your Japanese activities have begun only one year ago, but it feels like many things have happened already.
Chansung: The whole nation tour was an exceptionally good experience.
Nichkhun: I liked the high-touch event. The fact that I was able to communicate with the fans face to face became a great experience for me.
Taecyeon: Through Japanese activities, I’ve learned how important it is to keep track of time.
Wooyoung: It’s the Japanese language for me. Since we receive hot cheers wherever we go, I want to answer to this support in Japanese.
Taecyeon: Our goal for next year is the concert at Tokyo Dome!
Wooyoung: No. 1 at Oricon chart!
Junho: Participation at NHK Kouhaku year-end festival!
Junsu: My goal is to release other songs via 2PM, and to receive steady support for them. We’ll become the 2PM that tries even hard in the future, so please support us!

We split the boys into three groups to question them about love and relationships! First pair to go are the hyungnim (big brother) line.

[Two-shot talk: Taecyeon & Junsu]
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Q1. Can you sustain long-distance relationship?
Junsu: I don't know, I've never had any before. Nowadays, relationships don't interest me much.
Taecyeon: Back in highschool, a few friends of mine used to do long-distance relationships with their girlfriends living abroad, but they all didn't work out in the end. Therefore, I'm somewhat skeptical about long-distance relationships.

Q2. Which Christmas song do you like the most? Also, please tell us one of your Christmas memory!
Junsu: Stevie Wonder's "Someday at Christmas".
Taecyeon: For me, "White Christmas". There are various versions of the song, but I like them all.
Junsu: I got a Christmas memory to share, too.
Taecyeon: Cool!
Junsu: It was during the winter break of my 2nd year in highschool. I bought a supersize teddybear for my girlfriend with my allowance money that I saved for a month. I embroidered her name on the back of the teddybear, rented a small space, lit up the candles, got a cake, and played a CD of Christmas carols. Needless to say, she was very touched. Sadly, we broke up shortly after that. LOL.
Taecyeon: One of the most memorable Christmas of mine is when my grandparents and other relatives flew all the way from Korea to my house in Boston. That day, I saw an announcement of JYPE USA auditions on the internet. I applied for the auditions, and that's how I set foot in the world of showbiz.

Q3. What kind of woman would you like to have beside you?
Junsu: I like someone that I can lean on, like my mother.
Taecyeon: I too, like someone that gives me strength. As for Junsu, he even tends to favor women that looks like his mother. LOL.
Junsu: I like someone with a pretty smile and long straight hair.
Taecyeon: Junsu likes innocent-looking types.
Junsu: And a sexy type for Taecyeon. You like extremely sexy girls, don't you?
Taecyeon: Who, me? LOL. I believe that one's inner beauty is more important than one's looks. It goes same for the spouse material!

[Two-shot talk: Nichkhun & Wooyoung]
Two men who make very similar and cute couple pose combinations.
Perhaps their taste in women is similar as well?
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Q1. Which Christmas song do you like the most? Also, please tell us one of your Christmas memory!
Wooyoung: Stevie Wonder's "This Christmas".
Nichkhun: Frank Sinatra's "Let it Snow".
Wooyoung: As for the memory, I can't remember anything except for practicing. Ah, during our training days, Junsu-hyung once took me to a taco shop.
Nichkhun: Really? It must've been good. I really can't think of anything special. It doesn't snow in Thailand, and even though there are illuminated decorations, it doesn't look that magnificent.

Q2. Can you sustain long-distance relationship?
Wooyoung: Ey, I don't like that. But I sure can do that! LOL!
Nichkhun: I also can do that. Because you can keep in touch via phone or mail. Of course, it might get lonely, but I think that you can overcome it if it's for someone you love.
Wooyoung: Woaaah...nice!

Q3. What kind of woman would you like to have beside you?
Nichkhun: I would like her to be just as she is.
Wooyoung: Me too, I like it natural.
Nichkhun: The same with fashion, rather than something fancy, the natural type is better.
Wooyoung: With innocent and pure feel.

Q4. What are the fans to you?
Wooyoung: Energy!
Nichkhun: Sun!
Wooyoung: But the sun disappears at night. LOL!
Nichkhun: Ah, right. LOL! But it rises up in the morning again. Every single day, just like the sun, our fans sometimes also need some rest. LOL.

[Two-shot talk: Junho & Chansung]
Maknae (baby) line's two-shot shooting executed under a very tender atmosphere.
A friendship based on trust, in which one gives strength to another.
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Q1. Can you sustain long-distance relationship?
Junho: Of course. I used to have one when I was in highschool. She was studying abroad.
Chansung: I have no experience of it, but I'm pretty sure I can manage it. And I won't cheat because I'm a manly man!

Q2. Is there anything you'd like to thank each other for?
Junho: Hmm..this feels a bit awakward...
Chansung: Hahaha!
Junho: We get along well, since we've got a lot in common. We sometimes give advices to each other. We find each other very reliable.
Chansung: Same with me. We're considerate of each other's feelings.

Q3. What kind of woman would you like to have beside you?
Junho: Looks don't matter much to me. I don't care much about hairstyles or wardrobes, either. The one that I become attracted to, will be my type.
Chansung: I think so, too. Styling doesn't really matter, as long as it suits the person.
Junho: My definition of an attractive person is one that can nurture one's own charms, rather than one who tries to meet others' standards.
Chansung: I agree.

Q4. Which Christmas song do you like the most? Also, please tell us one of your Christmas memory!
Junho: I like Eric Benet's "The Last Time".
Chansung: Christmas...let me see. Oh, yeah! I like Brian McKnight's "Home". As for the memory, I haven't got much to share, though I normally spend Christmas with other members.
Junho: We have schedules to do every Christmas, therefore we can only dream of having a party. When I was little, I would go to church on Christmas with my friends, and play with them after the sermon.

Scans: Yooko_11 @ 2pmalways & neru @ wild2day | Jpn-Kor: Jinro @ whattimeisitnow | Kor-Eng: Egle & rangkat @ 2pmalways

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