My Best Fren 4ever

my new best fren.....................

sebener nya G tuch paling males kalo tulis menulis
but G coba aja kali ya
gak ada salah nya kan mencoba sesuatu yg baru
sapa tau G punya bakat terpendam dalam jurnalistik

who knows?

let's go girl....................

let's talk anything bout we

care love need and want

and share anything bout we

care love need and want


Jumat, 09 September 2011

[Artic] Blood Types : A

Type A have many good thoughts but not all of them are shown

Type A are ridiculously meticulous

Type A stress over trying to make others feel more comfortable

When Type A are in love, there is one, and only one, person in the world to them

Type A prefer a more comfortable atmosphere than a sophisticated one

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