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who knows?

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Kamis, 08 September 2011

[Artic] Blood Types : A

Type A prefer a more comfortable atmosphere than a sophisticated one.

Type A may seem like worrywarts, but are adventurous on the inside.

When Type A are happy, they are extremely happy. When they're sad, they're extrememly sad.

Many Type A end up getting married with those they once started out as friends with.

Type A pick fights easily.

Once Type A trust you, they will not stop trusting you. 

Type A cannot stand traitors.

The appearance of Type A and their personality are completely different.

Type A are conservative, reserved, punctual, patient and good with plants.

Before Type A do anything, they usually think and plan it out in detail beforehand.

Type A are the most easily affected by atmosphere.

Type A are the most easily affected by atmosphere.

Type A hate being nagged at, even more than the other blood types. 

Type A are very careful in taking the first step. 

Type A get stuck on the small things in life.

Once Type A start to laugh, they find it difficult to stop

Type A girls like guys they are comfortable with. 

Type A have frequent moodswings.

Type A find it extremely hard to forget about him/her and expect him/her to show up anytime, apologizing.

Friends of Type A can go weeks without knowing about the breakup

Type A will not tell their friends about a breakup

Because Type A believe so strongly in love, they will do anything to protect it

Type A like things so simple, sometimes they come off as stupid. 

Although Type A are not cute in nature, they will try to act cute if someone is feeling down to make them smile.

Type A like peace, harmony, and organization.

Type A usually find themselves ending up in stressful jobs.

Type A are earnest, creative, sensible, reserved, patient and responsible.

Type A are fastidious, over-earnest, stubborn and tense. 

Type A are perfectionists.

Type A sometimes apologize even though you may think they have done nothing wrong.

Type A can chase someone of the opposite sex even if they don't get a second glance.

Type A are straightforward and like to do things their own way. 

Type A cannot hide their anger. 

Type A are very warm and kind, but when put in a serious situation, they are known to sacrifice friendships.

Type A may seem popular, but feel lonely easily, and cry when no one is around.

Type A may seem very mature at first, but once you get to know them, they are quite child-like.

Once Type A start to love, they never think of the end because they don't believe it exists. 

Type A are aggressive in their relationships. They are not afraid give it their all. 

Type A love unconditionally.

Type A love to laugh.

Once Type A leave you, they are extremely hard to win back. 

Although Type A have simple thoughts, they seem to be very complicated people.

Sometimes, Type A wish for a more adventurous love.

Type A are easily touched, even by the smallest of things.

Type A like to show their love to their lovers.

Type A put their lover above everyone else, even themselves.

Type A are always chasing after the confirmation of others' love for them.

Type A are nice in front of everyone; even those they dislike, so if they dislike you, you will never know. 

Type A do not open up their hearts easily. 

Type A do not argue often, but when they do, they prepare their arguments in advance.

Type A are not always realistic with the concept of love. 

Type A try to look strong on the outside.

Type A are easily hurt at even the smallest things. 

credz  @BloodTypes

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