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sebener nya G tuch paling males kalo tulis menulis
but G coba aja kali ya
gak ada salah nya kan mencoba sesuatu yg baru
sapa tau G punya bakat terpendam dalam jurnalistik

who knows?

let's go girl....................

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care love need and want


Jumat, 09 September 2011

[Artic] Scent of A Woman : Yeon Jae's Bucket List

연재의 버킷리스트
Yeon Jae's Bucket List

죽기전에 꼭 하고싶은 20가지...
20 things I want to do before I die...

1. 하루에 하번씩 엄마를 웃게 만든기
Make my mum smile once a day.
[fulfilled @ Episode 3 onwards]
2. 나를 괴롭혔던 놈들에게 복수하기
Revenge against those who harassed me.
3. 탱고 배우기
Learn tango.
[started learning @ Episode 5]
4. 갖고 싶고 먹고 싶고 입고 싶은거 참지 않기 
Whatever I want, eat and wear, I won't hold back.
5. 웨딩드레스 입어보기 
Try on a wedding dress.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

6. 준수랑 데이트 해 보기!
Have a date with Junsu!
[fulfilled @ Episode 5]
7. 자전거로 해안도로 달리기
Go cycling along the coastline.
[fulfilled @ Episode 9]
8. 하루동안 영화 속 주인공처럼 살아보기
Be just like the heroine in a movie for a day.
[fulfilled @ Episode 10]
9. 첫사랑 찾기
Find my first love.
[fulfilled @ Episode 8]
10. 진짜 사랑하는 사람과 듀엣곡 불러보기
Sing a love song with the one I love.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

11. 세상 모든 여자들이 부러워할만한 프러포즈 받아보기
Receive a proposal that all women in the world would die for.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

12. 틈틈이 봉사하기
Contribute whenever I can.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

13. 엄마 재혼 시키기
Get my mom remarried.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

14. S에게 용서 구하기
To have S forgive me.
15. 누군가의 의미있는 사람 되기
To be a meaningful person to somebody .
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

16. 내 인생의 흔적 남기기
To leave the traces of my life.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

17. 날 아는 사람들에게 멋진 여자로 기억되기
To leave a real cool impression in front of people I know.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]
18. 화이트 크리스마스에 눈 맞으며 키스 해보기 
To get kissed while having a White Christmas.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

19. 이 모든 것들을 사랑하는 사람과 함께 하기
Do everything with the person I love.
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

20. 그리고 마지막으로 사랑하는 사람 품에서 눈 감기...
And lastly, close my eyes in the arms of the person I love...
[fulfilled @ Episode  ]

Thanks to: foxyapple & So3 @Soompi

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