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my new best fren.....................

sebener nya G tuch paling males kalo tulis menulis
but G coba aja kali ya
gak ada salah nya kan mencoba sesuatu yg baru
sapa tau G punya bakat terpendam dalam jurnalistik

who knows?

let's go girl....................

let's talk anything bout we

care love need and want

and share anything bout we

care love need and want


Jumat, 09 September 2011

Blood Types : O

Type O are fearless

Many Type O are bookworms

Type O are easy-going and relaxed

Type O are romantics

Type O regard only very few people as real friends

Type O easily fall head over heels at first sight

Type O sometimes lack passion

Type O are the most intimidating of the four blood types when angry

When Type O smile, they seem as innocent as newborn babies

Type O are curious cats

Although arbitrary, Type O take into account others' suggestions

Type O usually don't care whether things are messy or neat

Type O will never lose a fight

Although extremely docile on the outside, Type O are totally militant on the inside

Type O are forever young in heart

Type O are simplistic

Type O doesn't argue without reason. If you are reasonable, you won't find them finding fault with you

Type O are very stubborn

Type O are not materialistic; they will work hard for a title, respect, or even just self-satisfaction

Although most of the time, Type O seem very lazy, they can suddenly become very hardworking if they have a goal

Once a goal is set, Type O will not stop at anything to reach this goal

Type O are often found leading others

Type O can be spotted easily at meetings or in crowds

Losing is not an option for Type O

Mosquitos love Type O blood

Type O like to represent others

Type O tend to be a bit messy, but not disorganized

Most Type O are very laid-back

Type O are ridiculously energetic

Type O like to do things they are told not to

Type O are very sociable. Not many find it difficult to approach them

Once Type O starts to argue, their brains go into over-drive and they will attack you non-stop

Type O play a big role in motivating harmonious relationships and the passion of their group members

Type O will almost never lose in a verbal argument. They are too witty and too quick for the other blood types

Althought they have warm hearts, Type O can come off as arrogant or bitchy because of their pride

Without their pride, Type O are merely corpses

Although they may be boiling inside, Type O try not to say anything others may not want to hear

Once Type O are sure of another's feelings for them, they will act very differently

Type O are born leaders

When Type O are feeling down, they wish there was someone who would notice although they are smiling

Type O are super competitive

Type O seem emotionless most of the time, because they have difficulties expressing their emotions

Type O are very compassionate. If an enemy is in a pitiful situation, compassion will overtake the hatred

The moment Type O catergorize someone as an enemy, they will automatically turn their backs

Type O are overly dramatic

Type O are very suspicious. They do not get scammed so easily

Type O always think they are unloved, thus they feel happiest when they believed they are being loved

Many Type O are geniuses

Type O are very forgetful

Type O do not get angry easily

Blood Type O are forever thinking of the feelings of others

Type O find it difficult to express their feelings

Type O are independent

credz @BloodTypes

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