My Best Fren 4ever

my new best fren.....................

sebener nya G tuch paling males kalo tulis menulis
but G coba aja kali ya
gak ada salah nya kan mencoba sesuatu yg baru
sapa tau G punya bakat terpendam dalam jurnalistik

who knows?

let's go girl....................

let's talk anything bout we

care love need and want

and share anything bout we

care love need and want


Rabu, 28 September 2011


If you’re alright, then why are shaking?! are you trembling because you’ve never met someone as goodlooking as me?! I’m saying this because you might misunderstand-Kim joo won

In this world, there are some things that you are happier without knowing. But, I think to me you are one of those-Ra im

It’s not because I love you,It’s because I only love you..If it’s not you, then I won’t have anyone else, You’re amazing woman-Joo won

Did you forget?! if you make reservations @ a restaurant, I’m the guy that buys that restaurant-Joo wo

The enemy of my enemy is my friend…don’t you know that-Joo won

I just kissed a poor stuntwoman. If there happens to be someone near, that has bought stocks from our company, should go sell it immediately-Joo won

Since when have you been so pretty? Last year?-Joo wo

Have you ever wanted to die because of a woman? If not, then let me tell you how it feels-Seul 

I wanted to do this. To hold your hands like this-Joo won 

Be a father, a brother, and a man to GRI-Director Im 

She’s that kind of a person. I’ve never seen such a cool woman like her before-Joo won 

You have no intention of becoming the Little Mermaid. So I’ll become the Little Mermaid myself.” .He offer to disappear like bubbles after their relationship has run-Joo won 

Joo-won: Why is it always so grim in your dreams?
Ra-im: Because in my dreams…you’re there.
Joo-won: With me…even in your dreams…are you not happy?
Ra-im: Come anyway. Tomorrow. And the next day

When you’re mad your pretty and when you smile you’re prettier-Joo won 

If you’re that embarrassed in front of your employees, just tell them that you only played around me-Ra Im 

From now on, no matter what you do I’ll still like it, no matter what you do I’ll still forgive you, for the sole reason that you’re alive-Ra Im

She has no money&her body is covered in scars,but she doesnt wanna spend even one second of 1 minute with people like us-Joo Won

She's that kind of woman.I've never seen a woman as cool as her..That's my answer-Joo Won 

In the books that i'd read to find out what he's really like,this was a passage that had long settled in my heart-Ra Im

It's now that i realize it,how beautiful a person he is-Ra Im 

Therefore,how far away he's from me.He'll dissapear someday too,like people do when they're too beautiful-Ra Im

Nowhere in d'world is there a woman who'll start a love,giving up the ending.That's why we'll never work,who have no answer-Ra Im 

The thing about women is the most common of woman can become a queen,and the rarefied woman can become a maid-Seul

I hate making a ruckus on anyone's Bday..but i thought that you would like it.You only like things that i hate-Joo Won 

You've no thoughts of becoming the little mermaid,so that's why i'll become the little mermaid instead-Joo Won

I'll be right next to you as if i'm not there&dissapear like foam.So right now,i'm the one shamelessly hanging on to you-Joo Won 

Are you that weak?even if the distance seems far,run after him..even if it feels like he isn't next to you,grab on to him-Seul

In this world there're 230 countries&i can speak 5 languages.But,i cant find the exact word to define our relationship-Joo Won 

There is no reason for you to look so pretty in my eyes-Joo Won

There're 2 types of girls.The type that u marry&the type u play around with&then break up with.But u're some1 in between-Joo Won 

What hurts the most is that person doesnt actually miss me like the way i do.It's like that person has forgotten about me-Seul

All you want to do is die,but you cant die either,bcoz you're scared that you wont see that person again-Seul 

Alice in wonderland syndrome.This's a mental illness.It's like looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars-Joo Won

It's as if u r living in a fantasy world of a fable.This's an interesting&sad syndrome.I'm sure that i've that syndrome-Joo Won 

If some man tells u that he's fallen in love with u at 1st sight.It's just another words that he wants to go bed with u-Joo Won

Dont fall in love with another guy.For the rest of your life,live alone&think of me-Joo Won

U hang up the phone whnever u feel like it.When i come to find u,u get angry.When i try to buy u food,u get even angrier-Joo Won

Even worse that,than u hit me..Although u always angry when u meet me,but u're completely strange woman-Joo Won 

U're so strange that i find u..puzzling and amazing-Joo Won

U're really pretty when u're mad-Joo Won 

There's already a miracle.A woman with no decent family,no money,no good looks,is some1 special to some1 who has evrythng-Joo Won

We still dont have a single wedding photo.But we live everyday,loving&being a magical life-Ra Im 

Being in love is like swapping soul.May your soul have flowers that bloom,a cool breeze,shining sun&magical rain that falls-Ra Im

I hope u'll see d'things i see.U'll stand at d'window whre i stand,lie down in d'bed whre i lie down&read the book i read-Joo Won 

If we could be together,even in that way..than that's enough.Lets think of it as being together-Joo Won

That's enough for us to consider ourselves as happy as other lovers-Joo Won


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